We bring sacred space to your studio, retreat or event space so your community can experience soul growth and cosmic vibe.

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Meditate & Manifest:
Harness thE energy of the zodiac

Learn about this month’s zodiac sign with embodied astrology and how to harness its energy. Through storytelling, conversation and guided meditation. Madi will present a short lesson on the characteristics and energies of the present zodiac season we are in. You will begin manifesting in away that is aligned with the specific energy of this month.

During this class we take the time to get clear on our purpose , power and where to cut the bullsh*t. Everyone will feel clear on how to continue the process on their own. After doing the work we bliss out with a guided meditation. Following the meditation, there will be time for questions and conversations about self care and astrology in general. Learn at home rituals, journaling prompts and simple-but-effective tools to be your own healer and step into your most cosmic self.



A special talk catered to your sign. There can be so much pressure or confusion around self care. But everyone is different and Madi helps the group use their natal chart to figure out what the best way to start your day, take care of yourself when you feel like sh*t, and what the bigger picture of your life is. Your RX may be to work with stones, herbs and or rituals for your individual sun, moon and rising signs.

Self-understanding leads to better self-care so you can navigate life with increased confidence, clarity and creativity.  Also, learn fun tips like how to plan your week for success by the energy of the corresponding ruling planets and what moon phase is best for asking for a raise.

Tarot & Tonics

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Come learn about tarot as a storytelling tool of self-reflection and spiritual self-growth. Everyone is welcomed with a tonic and their own tarot booklet, then lead through a grounding meditation to start the positive shift.

Madi then leads a talk about the foundations of self love, intuition, pleasure and how to embody these tools on a day to day basis using the images of the tarot. Learn a way to see your story with more clarity and widen the lens on what needs to be released or transformed so you can tap into more magic!

Crystals 101


Learn the basics of how to use calming crystals and rituals for everything from reducing stress and anxiety to energy protection and manifestation. You will learn to how use crystals as part of a cosmic wellness routine to amp up your energy and overall health. Madi will go over basics of how to choose, cleanse and charge your stones and learn simple rituals for chakra healing, home and how to make a simple crystal grid.

Learn the “must-have” crystals everyone modern mystic needs in their arsenal. Every workshop ends with a closing crystal healing meditation and sound bath to align and ground your energy and intentions.


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Your moon cycle is one of your BIGGEST tools. We shed, we let go, we are reborn every month. Let’s shift the conversation and learn how our periods as the sacred treasure and secret weapon of womanhood that it is. Madi will share how to work WITH your cycle throughout the month- plus herbs, crystals and self care techniques- can help you stand in your power while manifesting your dreams with pleasure and joy.

Learn to create magic and ritual around your cycle to positively influence your body, your brain and your business.

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Gather your goddess gang and tap into the power of the moon, hold space for real growth and cosmic connection. Learn everything you need to know to begin your own circle: from creating sacred space to building an altar to what to wear and serve to why it is so important to gather in circle and in sisterhood. Madi will go over how to harness the powers of the full and new moon, as well as offering journaling prompts, embodiment exercises, and intention setting rituals  to activate the divine feminine energy of the new and full moon.