What is Tarot and Tonics? 

This signature event is part sacred ceremony, part workshop, part high-vibe hangs. We will work intimately with the tarot to tap into our own intuition and discover the ways our individual souls are asking to be nourished so we can live fully and purposefully. We will also talk about ways to use crystals, herbs and self care rituals to awaken our inner knowingness and support our spiritual journey. 


 Join Madi for a night of meditation, intention, laughing, movement, release, community and cosmic creativity. Through our sacred circle, we will be carving out space for your soul’s voice to speak to you and learn ways to invite in more self love so you may ground down to fly high. Take a deep dive inward through the magic of tarot and plant medicine. 

Madeleine Murphy is an intuitive healer who works with women to create sacred space in all aspects of their lives so they may give rise to the best and brightest version of themselves. She embraces ancient metaphysical and mystical principles and applies them to modern life through practices that emphasize wellness, self love and sisterhood as a pathway to owning your creativity and power.