(Continued...) Position 4: Your Strength Card πŸ’ͺ🏼 How to harness your inner power Now that you've seen your challenges, how are you going to resolve any issues that arise? What inner talents and strengths do you possess that can help you? What untapped energies exist that you can use this year? . Position 5: Your Advice Card πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ« Lessons you learned last year Now that you've looked back and determined where you want to go in the future, take a second to examine what you have learned so far. This lesson, whatever it is, will inform your next steps. What happened last year that you want to avoid this year or what happened that you want to repeat? . Position 6: Your Navigation Card πŸ—Ί Guidance for the year ahead This is the card you have been waiting for. Look at the Tarot card and ask, "What do I feel right now is the very best action for me to take?" . Position 7: Your Clarity Card πŸ‘ Your personal theme for the year Even though you have examined the lessons of the past, chosen your aim, and even looked at how to reach it, you may still need to find clarity. In this case, maybe focus on the big picture -- how does all of this fit into your overall life plan? What type of person are you hoping to become? What does this mean for your higher purpose? Use that energy to set your intention for the year to come, and tell yourself exactly what that is, say it out loud and imprint it in your heart and mind. . Love my new @starchildtarot deck from @saulthaus- who also was my biggest influence in my favorite New Years rituals for reflection.