Eclipses are all about bringing things to light so it’s a great time to up your self-love regime.


Eclipses are potent portals to create a shift but that doesn’t come without its symptoms…

From fatigue and headaches, to feeling generally run down or crazily sparky – electrically charged – eclipses can be felt before, during and after, with increased sensitivity.

I wanted to give you ideas to help you up your self-love regime during the lunar eclipse. Eclipse season doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s just an invitation to slow down and take stock. First off, you may be feeling off, here are some common ailments to look out for:

  • Headaches (and general aches and pains)

  • Tiredness and active night life – dreams, jerking in sleep (even sleep-walking)

  • Flu-like symptoms, sickness and allergic reactions (including skin flare-ups)

  • Sensitivity to food and water intake, including cravings and dehydration

  • Sense of overwhelm and chaos

  • Sensitivity to electronic devices

“Eclipse season doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s just an invitation to slow down and take stock.”

So what do we do to help off set these symptoms and tap into the cosmic energy so we can harness it?

  1. Trust Your Body . You may have cravings for salty foods or high protein foods or to not eat at all. Trust your body knows best and is directing you to what you need to replenish your body.

  2. Transform Limitation Into Liberation. Where in your life do you feel the most limited? This is where your soul is calling you to surrender. Your soul wants you to be free of an karmic burden. Remind yourself that everything is in perfect order even though you may not understand the reasons behind it all. Breathwork is a great practice to practice surrender.

  3. Solitude. Put yourself first and spend some quiet alone time in meditation, prayer or journalling. The answers you seek are found in silence.

  4. Chant Mantra.  Put your palms together in prayer pose and chant Sat Nam for 5 mins. When you vibrate Sat Nam (Truth is my identity) – this is a Kundalini chant that helps anything other than your Authentic Self melt away.

  5. Get Analog. Use your hands for something other than phone & computer use: knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting, sculpting, play a musical instrument

  6. Saltwater Cure. Water, water, water plus salt is huge right now. Drink lots of water (add a pinch of Himalayan salt and lemon). Take epsom salt baths. If you’re lucky enough, take a winter beach walk and drink up the ion-rich air.

  7. Patience. You may be feeling irritable for no apparent reason. These emotions rooted in anger are triggering you to let go of something buried deep within you. It could be a belief system, a judgement or an undigested trauma. Be patient and sit with it and it will move through some sort of emotional release.

    PS. Check out more info on our Cosmic Self Care: Eclipses and Shadow work here!



Rewilding rituals are our tried and true ways to create sacred space in our hectic, modern lives. They are how we cut through the bullsh*t, tap into our radiance and listen to our authentic wild, wise voice. When we set aside quality time with ourselves, we take authority for ourselves and are then able to transform our lives from the inside out. Intentions are energetic shifts and rituals help embody our intention so we can fully embrace what nourishes us- and leave everything else behind. At Sacred Space Revolution, we pinky swear to let our hearts and souls be the navigation to lead us to a wild life of more self love, intuition and pleasure one ritual at a time.



by Madi Murphy

Are you ready for the magic that awaits you in 2019…

New Year’s is a special and sacred time. We can feel gratitude for all that we've experienced and celebrate how far we have come. It’s also an invitation to set ourselves up to attract our desires in the coming year. Taking time for ritual is huge for me to reflect on where I have been, get clear on where I am going and allow myself to open more fully to the magic + miracles that await me.

Here is one of my personal favorite rituals to do to usher in the New Year. (Side note: this is not about “changing” yourself or “New Year, New You” but instead about embracing and embodying who you already are. This is a ritual to let pleasure drive you this next year, not pressure) Astrologically, the energy of the new year is potent for the first 7 days so if you can’t find time or space to do this on January 1st, it’s quite alright. Create space to show up for yourself this week to meet what awaits you this year with this powerful ritual:

Items Needed:

  • Journal/pen

  • Candle

  • Favorite crystal

  • Incense/palo santo/sage

  • Salt

  • A cushion or pillow for your bum

1) Find a cozy spot. Light your candle, put on your cell on “Spirit Mode”, aka airplane mode. Allow yourself a few moments of digital detox. Clear your space with your incense, sage or palo santo and take 3 deep breaths to center yourself.

2) Begin to breathe into your heart, becoming present in your body and in the moment. Take 5 minutes here in silent meditation, noticing the sensations of your body without judgement (and if you feel judgement arise, see if you can release that too.)

3) Open your journal and begin to free-write to the following prompts, taking as much time as you need:

  • 2018 Blessings Were… (Gratitude is gold. The more you give thanks the more you make room for what the Universe has for you)

  • 2018 Lessons Were… (Taking stock: what happened in the last year was for learning and now can be used for earning)

  • 2018 Ways I Made Myself Proud (Go on, brag on yourself a little. You earned it.)

  • 2018 Thoughts/Behavior/Patterns I Am Letting Go Of (What is weighing you down and no longer part of your story?)

  • 2019 Opportunities and Possibilities (What are the things that LIGHT ME UP?!)

  • 2019 Ways I Will Love Myself Deeper (Make a JOY List of ways to take care of yourself to reference when you need!)

  • 2019 Magic Mantra (One word/phrase to energetically charge the year ahead)

4) After you put your pen down, close your eyes and picture yourself moving through this next year. Hold your crystal in your left hand and let images come through: sensations, colors, feelings. Watch yourself thriving and being present through every delicious moment. After a few moments of this, let your whole body feel it. Spread the energy like honey from the top of your head down to your toes. Rub your hands together and place your hands on your heart and anywhere else on your body that needs a little extra TLC from you.

5) Open your eyes and return to your list. Jot down anything else that came through. Place it in a special space you can come back to often when you need inspiration or as your dreams come to life.

I hope as you looked back on 2018 you started to come to terms with how amazing you actually are. Let this to set the tone for 2019. I hoped releasing what was no longer yours to carry felt extremely liberating. And I hope thinking about what lights you up reminds you life is meant to be juicy and joyful.

Look around you, beautiful. Appreciate what you have. Honor where you are going. Nothing will be the same in a year, I promise you. Amazing changes are coming your way. Trust the process, trust the timing, trust your vision. Make sacred space for yourself often. Allow the magic to work through you. We are looking forward to a cosmically mind-blowing 2019. We will embrace the unknown together, dive deeper into self love and surrender to the infinite possibilities- and take it all one sexy step at a time!



Okay it’s go time, kids. The moment we have been preparing for. Take good care of yourself, know your self-care tips and map of how to return to your center. Be okay with doing you. And here’s a note from our Auntie G, @glennondoyle:
Folks always say to me: I want to stop acting and just be MYSELF in this world. But I can’t even be real with my FAMILY!!! NOBODY ON EARTH can be real with her FAMILY. When it comes to authenticity: Family is not the starting place – family is the FINAL FRONTIER. If you’d like to practice being real, don’t start with your family, start with your mail carrier. 
So here’s what we do tomorrow: We stop trying to be the director of the family show and we just become an amused audience member. We jump on stage when it’s our line. We stop being a critic.We stop trying to change our people long enough to see them for who they are, and find some beauty in each of their characters. We remember that the reason there is so much food on holidays is so we don’t say too terribly much. We stop hoping so hard and We stop directing. We let it all be. 
We remember that family is just The Ones Who Keep Showing Up. They are a mess, but they are OUR MESS. Thank God because we are a mess too, but we are THEIR MESS.
I love you, my messes. Thank you for loving me and mine.  

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Sunday’s are for Self Love


It’s been a big week, bbs. Lots of emotions, lots of feelings of rage, fatigue, helplessness, exhaustion, confusion. We still have more work to do (more on that tomorrow) but today carve out some time for rest and tenderness. Take some time to think about how you can bring sweetness to your body today. We recommend giving yourself a sage, a relaxing bath (or shower) and spend 10-15 minutes massaging your body with coconut oil with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Say some gentle deliberate words of LOVE aloud or silently to yourself: I cherish you, thank you, you’re beautiful, I appreciate all you do. Bonus: heat up the oil for a warming, nourishing treat. Breathe, relax, soak it up ✨

Whether you have a patio or fire escape, you can plant one of these at home for your own green goddess garden:
SAGE. Sage is a great purification herb, used commonly for smoke cleansing your home or work space. It removes negative energy from our systems and is a great stimulant for mental and emotional clarity. Note: All sage varieties are cleansing. White sage is endangered, so growing your own is a great way to counteract some of the overspending happening on this overharvested herb. You only need a small amount to cleanse your space!
Stardust tip: Burn dried sage. It's properties are enhanced when turned to smoke. Snip a handful from your garden, and bundle the stems together with a piece of twine or jute. Ensure the leaves are free of pests and hang the bundle upside down to dry. It will be ready to burn in one to two weeks.
2. BA$IL. If your pockets are hungry for cash, be sure to plant this guy! It is king for attracting wealth. Keep a little potted basil plant in your office to help with career luck, and tend to it everyday that you're working! It has been using by Italian strega nona kitchen witches for centuries. Whether you want to attract wealth, health, or love, basil is a great plant for abundance. It’s also extremely inexpensive- making it a great green to attract more greens.
Stardust tip: Did you have a fight with a pal? Give her a cute little basil plant with a handwritten love note stuffed between the leaves. Basil helps sooth miffed relationships, and maybe you can snack on some homemade caprese salad and hash out your feelings.
3. LAVENDER. Who doesn't love a love plant? Lavender is a great attractor for bringing more men into your life, (it's not as strong for attracting women) and its soothing properties are no secret, as its basically nature’s Xanax. Add lavender to dream pillows or purification baths - bathing in lavender will help attract a great love to you.
Stardust tip: Sleeping next to a little lavender plant will encourage restful sleeps - and help attract a potential romantic interest. Bonus points if there is a plant on both sides of the bed. That's good feng shui for the bedroom. Which is always important 😜

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3 Beginner Crystals Every Boss Witch Should Have aka Basic Crystals with Not-So-Basic Effects on Your Life 💎
These are the 3 stones I always get for my clients when we start working together:
1. Clear quartz is a must.
It’s so versatile & can be used for ANY purpose so you’ve got to have 1 of these babies. My teacher Colleen McCann calls it the black skinny jean of crystals. It goes with everything and every one needs it. It’s also a very powerful amplifier! Quartz amplifies any vibrational frequencies, including our own.
Why does quartz work so well with us? B/c the chemical formula is SiO2 aka silica. Scientists have determined that our bodies are partially made of liquid silica crystals. Our cells each have their own EMF (electromagnetic frequency), just as our entire body does, just as Mother Earth does. Our cells’ EMF is actually maintained by silica! Nobel Prize winner Adolf Butenant, proved that life cannot exist without it. The average human body holds about 7g of silica, way more than other important minerals such as iron. Yeah! I KNOW!! Crazy right? It’s vital to life.So needless to say, quartz works with us very well. OK, so that’s my long answer on why quartz is important. Actually…I can go waaaaaaay longer, but I’ll let you off easy this time, bbs. (All 3 of these starter stones are actually in the quartz family- hence my longwinded sales pitch as to why QUARTZ IS SO MF POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT)

2. Citrine, which is also quartz that’s been heated up in Mother Earth’s kitchen to turn various shades of champagne, yellow & sometimes a very deep iced tea color. It’s referred to as the Merchants Stone because its known to be all about that cash money abundance life. Citrine’s energy is happy & creative so if you’re feeling down or need to get out of a creative funk, this stone infuses you with that “b*tch, I got this” swagger. Honey sweetness and sunshine mixed with fire and a little bit of feisty confidence. All of my boss babes and aligned entrepreneurs swear by this.

3. Rose quartz
Rose Quartz is a fierce defender of the heart. Its pink energy soothes the hurt of loss. Placed over the solar plexus, it’s a balancing force. Aligning desire with pure intent, its energy can be cotton candy, a cashmere blanket, and—if summoned—something far more powerful, a force field of sorts that keeps the good vibes in and the dark ones out. If your heart is hungry, feed it with Rose Quartz. This stone helps open up your heart so your life can be touched by many loves. People. Places. Passions. Beginnings and endings. To truly experience the depths of your soul and your most aligned life, you need an open, fearless heart.
It’s a really great stone to have around b/c its energy is very calming, gentle & compassionate….a stone of love; love of all sorts. Whenever you feel the need to feel loved or you need or want to offer compassion, grab your rose quartz and stick some in your bra. That’s what I do and tell all of my clients to do!

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Why we need Rewilding Rituals

"In ritual space, something inside us shimmers, quickens, and aligns itself with a larger, more vital element. We are released from our collective agreements, such as not showing our emotions in public, not bothering anyone with our problems, and remaining stoic and self-contained with our pain. This release allows us to enter into a fuller expression of who we are. We regain our full-range of being." - Frances Weller
Through rituals, we rewild and create sacred space around us and within us. Rituals have changed my life. Recently, I have been working on a personal rites of passage ceremony for @pampashamanschool and I’m reminded again of how much power rituals hold. They remind us that everything in life is sacred, that we are cosmic beings and everything we do makes a difference. They are an action that breathes your intention into life. They help with healing, clearing and manifesting- and I have used them personally to call in oodles of more self love, intuition and pleasure into my being ✨🌙✨  

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Why We Gather

Why do we gather in circle? We are at a time when coming together is more important than ever and part of our rewilding revolution is about a return to circle work and creating space so we can hold space for one another.

We meet in circle to share, to heal and to celebrate as our ancestors did. Before the patriarchal times, men and women equally participated in circles around the fire for ritual and did the same as they prepared food for families and community. During these times they shared stories and tribal experience. The introduction of assembling in a line was a tool of the patriarchy to enforce that both men and women became programmed to be passive receivers of information and instruction from a chosen few “leaders”, rather than communally.

Returning to circle is an act of resistance. Regularly gathering in circle confirms the identity of the community and the individual through ritual, story-telling, dance and music. These gatherings provide meaning and direction in life. Gathering in circle is a vital element in the human experience. We have personally discovered its potency for healing, meaning-making and enriching communications, especially in a time where we can feel so disconnected from nourishing human connections.

When we meet in circle we join to hold everyone in sacred space and purpose. We are bringing forth an ancient way of connecting into modern times. We gather to share stories, to deepen our identities individually and in group—often with the intention to enable and shape a postpatriarchal way of being. We also gather to heal. We can meet in circle to share our joy, we can meet in circle to work on projects or join in ritual at various levels of depth and purpose, and we can meet in circle to help to change our world. We gather to make magic 💫 

(Continued...) Position 4: Your Strength Card 💪🏼 How to harness your inner power Now that you've seen your challenges, how are you going to resolve any issues that arise? What inner talents and strengths do you possess that can help you? What untapped energies exist that you can use this year? . Position 5: Your Advice Card 👩🏻‍🏫 Lessons you learned last year Now that you've looked back and determined where you want to go in the future, take a second to examine what you have learned so far. This lesson, whatever it is, will inform your next steps. What happened last year that you want to avoid this year or what happened that you want to repeat? . Position 6: Your Navigation Card 🗺 Guidance for the year ahead This is the card you have been waiting for. Look at the Tarot card and ask, "What do I feel right now is the very best action for me to take?" . Position 7: Your Clarity Card 👁 Your personal theme for the year Even though you have examined the lessons of the past, chosen your aim, and even looked at how to reach it, you may still need to find clarity. In this case, maybe focus on the big picture -- how does all of this fit into your overall life plan? What type of person are you hoping to become? What does this mean for your higher purpose? Use that energy to set your intention for the year to come, and tell yourself exactly what that is, say it out loud and imprint it in your heart and mind. . Love my new @starchildtarot deck from @saulthaus- who also was my biggest influence in my favorite New Years rituals for reflection.