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Why We Gather

Why do we gather in circle? We are at a time when coming together is more important than ever and part of our rewilding revolution is about a return to circle work and creating space so we can hold space for one another.

We meet in circle to share, to heal and to celebrate as our ancestors did. Before the patriarchal times, men and women equally participated in circles around the fire for ritual and did the same as they prepared food for families and community. During these times they shared stories and tribal experience. The introduction of assembling in a line was a tool of the patriarchy to enforce that both men and women became programmed to be passive receivers of information and instruction from a chosen few “leaders”, rather than communally.

Returning to circle is an act of resistance. Regularly gathering in circle confirms the identity of the community and the individual through ritual, story-telling, dance and music. These gatherings provide meaning and direction in life. Gathering in circle is a vital element in the human experience. We have personally discovered its potency for healing, meaning-making and enriching communications, especially in a time where we can feel so disconnected from nourishing human connections.

When we meet in circle we join to hold everyone in sacred space and purpose. We are bringing forth an ancient way of connecting into modern times. We gather to share stories, to deepen our identities individually and in group—often with the intention to enable and shape a postpatriarchal way of being. We also gather to heal. We can meet in circle to share our joy, we can meet in circle to work on projects or join in ritual at various levels of depth and purpose, and we can meet in circle to help to change our world. We gather to make magic 💫