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13 Sex Positive Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

Turn your Insta feed into sex positive party.


We love working with our community to explore different ways we can show up as we embrace our Divine Feminine- in its softness and in its shadows- in all aspects of our lives, especially our sexuality.
Our sexuality is one of the most personal and intimate details of our lives—and often it does not get the celebration that it deserves. Whether it's from external pressures or internal resistance, we are not always giving our sexuality the love, education, and support that it deserves. The importance of a healthy relationship with our sexuality extends way beyond the bedroom. And our sexuality is one of our biggest transformative tools to manifest (ahem, sex magic is our favorite superpower)
As we continue talk with you one-on-one and in groups, we continue to realize how different the journey of reclaiming sexuality and pleasure looks for each and every person, and how essential it is to be inclusive and intersectional when having conversations surrounding sex, sexuality, and body-positivity. We wanted to share some of our favorite accounts that have helped educate and expand the conversation around sacred sexuality for us. Give them a follow and listen, explore with curiosity, see what resonates, see what doesn’t. (And, please, only visit their page with respect and open-mindedness)
Do you have a favorite sex-positive Instagram account not on this list?