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Why we need Rewilding Rituals

"In ritual space, something inside us shimmers, quickens, and aligns itself with a larger, more vital element. We are released from our collective agreements, such as not showing our emotions in public, not bothering anyone with our problems, and remaining stoic and self-contained with our pain. This release allows us to enter into a fuller expression of who we are. We regain our full-range of being." - Frances Weller
Through rituals, we rewild and create sacred space around us and within us. Rituals have changed my life. Recently, I have been working on a personal rites of passage ceremony for @pampashamanschool and Iā€™m reminded again of how much power rituals hold. They remind us that everything in life is sacred, that we are cosmic beings and everything we do makes a difference. They are an action that breathes your intention into life. They help with healing, clearing and manifesting- and I have used them personally to call in oodles of more self love, intuition and pleasure into my being āœØšŸŒ™āœØ