Aquarius Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse Ritual 🌝

Hello my moonbeams!

Who is feeling the energy rn?!!! I am not a professional astrologer but I do know that astrology and the language of the cosmos is one of the most important languages you can learn as it affects us all. It is the clock in the sky letting us know when the wheel is turning. And, oh boy, is it turning! 
Friday we have a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE during the time Mercury and Mars (and a bunch of other planets) are both retrograde and it is hitting the south node so we are letting go of the past. (Watch our Instagram Story highlight for more information)


Eclipses do whatever needs to happen for your SOUL to be realigned. Eclipses are mirrors that reflect what we need to address and get honest about. They are also game changers. They help us break free. It’s not overnight, don’t get me wrong, but WHOA- it is like some cosmic flames get lit under our butts that moves us out of anything that has left us feeling paralyzed, powerless or β€œless than”. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is to take a deep breath and tune in. The energy is hiiiiiigh and we are all living Drake style in our feelings but if you can find time to align your intention you will come out the other side stronger, smarter and living more fully in your purpose. Promise, my little cosmic cuties. 

The Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer, the bringer of knowledge and the lover of community. Aquarius is about self-actualizing, freedom and understanding our part our energy plays in the collective. Aquarius is the progressive and visionary of the Zodiac and brings a very futuristic energy to this eclipse. 

The sun is in Leo, the direct opposite sign. is all about courageous expression, pride in ones creative talents and unapologetic JOY. This fertile energy wants to bring in a reminder about our strength of self: why we are here and what makes us shine. Leo will activate the part of your chart that says what your heart needs to heal and what your inner child needs to play. What are the hidden chambers of your heart where you are ready to receive love?  Maybe you closed down these parts of yourself but now is the time to open them. You have the support of the whole universe behind you. Isn’t that rad?  

The vibe here is LIBERATION, my bbs. Where do you want to unleash the shackles and GET FREE. The magic in the skies is asking us to not hold back. Permission to get a little uncomfortable and vulnerable about moving towards the the big, big courageous dreams that scare you.

Most important thing is to take good care of yourself. Be gentle, get plenty of rest and nourishing food. Create sacred moments to connect to your breath and clean your energy with sage or oils. Breathe deeply into all those feels that arise so you can fully feel them to heal them. Slow your inner pace so you can allow more space for the magic to come in. 

Here is a simple but effective ritual you can do at home, gather your soul family or do it alone.