Okay it’s go time, kids. The moment we have been preparing for. Take good care of yourself, know your self-care tips and map of how to return to your center. Be okay with doing you. And here’s a note from our Auntie G, @glennondoyle:
Folks always say to me: I want to stop acting and just be MYSELF in this world. But I can’t even be real with my FAMILY!!! NOBODY ON EARTH can be real with her FAMILY. When it comes to authenticity: Family is not the starting place – family is the FINAL FRONTIER. If you’d like to practice being real, don’t start with your family, start with your mail carrier. 
So here’s what we do tomorrow: We stop trying to be the director of the family show and we just become an amused audience member. We jump on stage when it’s our line. We stop being a critic.We stop trying to change our people long enough to see them for who they are, and find some beauty in each of their characters. We remember that the reason there is so much food on holidays is so we don’t say too terribly much. We stop hoping so hard and We stop directing. We let it all be. 
We remember that family is just The Ones Who Keep Showing Up. They are a mess, but they are OUR MESS. Thank God because we are a mess too, but we are THEIR MESS.
I love you, my messes. Thank you for loving me and mine.