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Through meditation, intuitive work and movement, this curated

ceremony will inspire you and get you charged up to walk out

into the world as the magical, strong and bodacious babe you are.

We will dress up, glow up and show up for each other as we unleash

our inner goddesses, feel all the feelings and step into our


We are going to celebrate every inch of being a woman. Goddess

Disco is about loving ourselves more, loving each other more and

reclaiming the feminine. Not in the abstract but in the real, embodied

way. It’s a night filled with movement, laughter, sensuality,

enlightenment and magic.

Sure, we feel feelings all day long, but what about the feeling behind

that feeling? Together, we take time to “check in” with ourselves.

Sometimes we need a place to get out of our head, into

our bodies and unleash our inner wild woman. And sometimes

we need a place to let it all out because life can be cray. So what

do we do? Intuitive exercises, meditation, crystals, and alternativespiritual

healing meets hip-hop, reggae, girl rock and 80s pop.




Sequence of Events



High vibe refreshments

Herbal elixirs will be served beforehand!


Opening Meditation

(inner guided visualization journey to ground into the space)

Sacred Ceremony

Discussing “femme magic secrets” with a sharing and interactive
Q&A (We will talk about a topic on either feminine healing remedies, your intuition, your inner witch, moon magic, manifestation tips, mindful eating, bedroom champion tips, love, sex, and relations.)

Goddess Disco

Cue: bad ass, bumping’ PLAYLIST on blast. I will lead you through

various sexy, sensual movements as a group to identify your power

archetype and goddess set to some of sweet tunes. We will

dance and get your bod machine moving and through informal

movements explore rage, grief, turn-on and embodiment exercises

that help us trust and listen to our true self. Clear stagnation (aka

yucky, stuck feelings) and stoke the fires of your creative energy.

Learn to feel comfortable and sexy in your body so you can go

out into the world and radiate with confidence and sheer animal

magnetism. And the best part? This is all in a safe, uplifting and sacred

place (aka no creepers and no #malegaze)

Savasana and Chill

Mellow out hard, soak up the boost of good ole vibes you just

drummed up. Time to integrate so you can go out into the world

feeling peaceful, powerful and hot AF.