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Soak up the energy of this Cancerian full moon. This magical confluence of astrological events is gorgeous and powerful: the beginning of Capricorn season, the Cancer Full Moon aligning with the winter solstice and a meteor shower (!) has created a special sauce for us. Use this time to go inward, reflect on the areas of lightness and darkness from the last year and within yourself. Prepare to come home to yourself in an even deeper way.
The full moon in Cancer asks us to tap into our intuitive, nurturing side and understand that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. We are always able to transmute our fears into strength. Pray for faith and clarity if this seems impossible to you right now. This is a time to resolve to heal the home, our relationships, any of our meaningful connections. We know it may seem the timing of this is like gas meeting match πŸ”₯ with going home (or not) for the holidays. Use this as an opportunity to ascend and approach an old scenario in a new way. Even if it’s just shifting the stories in your head. Be gentle with your words today, be slow to speak and quick to open your heart more fully. Don’t take things too personally and, like, our capricious little sea goats, lead with love. Even if that means leading yourself away from certain people and places πŸ’“πŸ