Eclipses are all about bringing things to light so it’s a great time to up your self-love regime.


Eclipses are potent portals to create a shift but that doesn’t come without its symptoms…

From fatigue and headaches, to feeling generally run down or crazily sparky – electrically charged – eclipses can be felt before, during and after, with increased sensitivity.

I wanted to give you ideas to help you up your self-love regime during the lunar eclipse. Eclipse season doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s just an invitation to slow down and take stock. First off, you may be feeling off, here are some common ailments to look out for:

  • Headaches (and general aches and pains)

  • Tiredness and active night life – dreams, jerking in sleep (even sleep-walking)

  • Flu-like symptoms, sickness and allergic reactions (including skin flare-ups)

  • Sensitivity to food and water intake, including cravings and dehydration

  • Sense of overwhelm and chaos

  • Sensitivity to electronic devices

“Eclipse season doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s just an invitation to slow down and take stock.”

So what do we do to help off set these symptoms and tap into the cosmic energy so we can harness it?

  1. Trust Your Body . You may have cravings for salty foods or high protein foods or to not eat at all. Trust your body knows best and is directing you to what you need to replenish your body.

  2. Transform Limitation Into Liberation. Where in your life do you feel the most limited? This is where your soul is calling you to surrender. Your soul wants you to be free of an karmic burden. Remind yourself that everything is in perfect order even though you may not understand the reasons behind it all. Breathwork is a great practice to practice surrender.

  3. Solitude. Put yourself first and spend some quiet alone time in meditation, prayer or journalling. The answers you seek are found in silence.

  4. Chant Mantra.  Put your palms together in prayer pose and chant Sat Nam for 5 mins. When you vibrate Sat Nam (Truth is my identity) – this is a Kundalini chant that helps anything other than your Authentic Self melt away.

  5. Get Analog. Use your hands for something other than phone & computer use: knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting, sculpting, play a musical instrument

  6. Saltwater Cure. Water, water, water plus salt is huge right now. Drink lots of water (add a pinch of Himalayan salt and lemon). Take epsom salt baths. If you’re lucky enough, take a winter beach walk and drink up the ion-rich air.

  7. Patience. You may be feeling irritable for no apparent reason. These emotions rooted in anger are triggering you to let go of something buried deep within you. It could be a belief system, a judgement or an undigested trauma. Be patient and sit with it and it will move through some sort of emotional release.

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