Here’s your cosmic energy debriefing for the week. All that’s happening in the universe and multiverse filtered into just the most important things YOU need to know.


Your Mirror Mantra for the weekend:

“Like an arrow, I can only be shot forward by being pulled backwards. When I feel I am held back in life, it is only so I can be propelled forward into new levels of growth, love, expansion and abundance.”


What does it mean for us when a planet is retrograde? 

The energies of the planet in question during this time affect us on a more inward level. We get the chance to review or reflect on our inner self as it relates to the past- our own past or even as far back as intergenerational patterns. Fun stuff, right? All sarcasm aside, it actually is a profound invitation to up-level. 

Retrogrades get a bad rap, but only because we all know it’s super intense to dredge up a bunch of old emotional baggage from the past (anyone who has ever cleaned out a childhood home knows what I’m talking about). Any of the chaos or out-of-control feelings are actually poignant, life-changing opportunities for growth. As the proverbial pot gets “stirred up” we get to see what was previously unconscious come to the surface. Time to heal and level up, hunny bunnies. 

There are a LOT of planets in Retrograde right now so we gave you the full 411 so you can understand wtf is going on. 



Mercury Retrograde

Sign: Leo/Cancer

When: July 7- August 1

Who: Mercury is the fastest moving planet of the solar system and rules communication, travel and technology. 

Cosmic RX: The most internet famous of the retrogrades, Mercury Retro helps readjust how we communicate and present our inner selves to the outside world. Leo is all about performance, playfulness and courage and Cancer is all about our inner worlds, foundations and security. So this particular transit is a time to overcome the fear of expressing what we really want and what we really think. No more compromising and playing small. Time to ROAR. We recommend anything with the prefix “RE” be done during this time to help get you there: revisit, reassess, review, redo, redesign, research, rehearse or recalibrate plans.

Jupiter Retrograde

Sign: Sagittarius

When: April 11- August 11

Who: Jupiter is the planet of good luck, abundance, freedom, growth, travel, generosity, higher learning, philosophy and wisdom.

Cosmic RX: Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, making this a benevolent transit all about expansion and inner wisdom. Know that any setbacks and detours during this time will be a blessing in disguise. Revise and refine in order to move forward with clarity. Review your visions, ideals and belief systems. This is a time of inward expansion, helping you come to terms with your authentic self and allow that energy to flow outwardly. We recommend looking at your next 12 years of your life and dreaming it up as if you knew the Universe was rigged in your favor. Use daily mantras and affirmations to get your brain on board with this “Midas Touch” energy. Travel or study a new subject to align with mindset magic.

Saturn Retrograde

Sign: Capricorn

When: April 30- September 18

Who: Saturn is the planet of restriction, responsibility and self-discipline.

Cosmic RX: You will become aware of any structures or behavioral patterns that need improvement. Address the areas where you need more focus, consistency and boundaries so that you can move forward with success and increased levels of self-fulfillment. Time to get serious about what you want, make a plan and take accountability. Learn from past “failures.” Work through father issues (oy) and conflicts with authority. Oh- and be cautious about saying “yes” too much. Saturn Retro is coming to test all your boundaries and won’t stop until you learn the lesson! 

Uranus Retrograde 

Sign: Taurus

When: August 12-January 1, 2020

Who: Uranus is the planet of freedom, revolution, rebellion and innovation. 

Cosmic RX: You will be challenged now to break away from routine or any area of your life where you may be unconsciously holding yourself back or overly set in your ways. Viewing things from a new perspective will help you see what needs to be changed and upgraded. A new paradigm awaits for you as an individual--- and things are also shifting at the societal level. We suggest spearheading your own revolution to further ignite the collective liberation. Good starting points would be looking at how you can radically love and appreciate your body more, how you can care for and act as a steward of the earth and how you can shift and expand your notions around your sexuality and pleasure. See where you can let go of the old ways to let new levels of freedom to flow.

Neptune Retrograde

Sign: Pisces

When: June 21-November 27

Who: Neptune is the planet of spirituality, inner vision, the dream realm, imagination, dreams and fantasy. It is deeply tied to the desire to transcend and tap into universal love energy.

Cosmic RX: Ring, ring! This is your wake up call moment. This transit will dissolve any illusions and false perceptions of self so that you can move forward with clarity about what you want in life. Take time to explore any areas of self-sacrifice, self-victimization or self-sabotage that keeps you separate from your powers and from achieving your dreams. Any distractions, delusions or ways we numb ourselves will also be illuminated now. We suggest working deeply with your intuition now: study dream interpretation, try a new meditation style, work with tarot or practice automatic writing. Dive into your subconscious to make something artistic or creative.

Pluto Retrograde

Sign: Capricorn

When: April 24-October 3

Who: Pluto is the planet of transformation: destruction and creation, endings and beginnings. It represents subconscious forces and is strongly tied to issues of power, control and authority. 

Cosmic RX: Helllllo, shadow self! We are being guided inward to examine all parts of ourselves now- especially the parts we don’t particularly like. Once we can observe them without judgement and get to know them, we can reclaim more of our authentic power. This is a time to overcome fear of self-expression and of “being seen.” Experiences of feeling bullied, dominated, or manipulated may come to the surface now but it’s so they can be healed once and for all. What has been dormant in you and is ready to be brought to the surface? What are the rewards and revelations that will come through by diving into old fears, hang ups and betrayals? This is a great time to work with the mystical arts to dive deeper into your psyche. We suggest past-life regressions, NLP hypnosis or working with a psychic-medium. 

Chiron Retrograde

Sign: Aries

July 8-December 13

Who: Okay, Chiron is technically not a planet but rather is classified as a star or comet. It is still very important, though, as it represents the archetype of the “wounded healer” that exists within us all. Chiron is the alchemist and the shaman of the zodiac, connecting the known world with the unknown world to find a higher order.

Cosmic RX: Alert, alert! This is one of the most significant transits of the year. It lasts until 2027 and during this Retrograde we are being invited into a deep exploration and healing of old hurts. This will be to help us see the profound connection between our wounds and our purpose. If you’re paying attention and doing the work, expect alignment and synchronicities galore. You will see how things in the past are coming full circle and launching you into expansion beyond your wildest dreams. We recommend paying attention to physical pains during this time, as they can speak to larger emotional hurts. Research new alternative methods like acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy or shamanic soul retrievals to address the root cause of any discomfort or dis-ease.

That’s the Retrograde Rundown. Phew! Stay rested, stay hydrated, make time for spiritual self care, bbys. We’re all in this together and remember, when it gets weird out there:


June 21- July 22: Sun in Cancer

July 23-August 22: Sun in Leo

July 7- July 31: Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

July 1- August 7: Mars in Leo

July 4- July 27: Venus in Leo


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