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3 Beginner Crystals Every Boss Witch Should Have aka Basic Crystals with Not-So-Basic Effects on Your Life 💎
These are the 3 stones I always get for my clients when we start working together:
1. Clear quartz is a must.
It’s so versatile & can be used for ANY purpose so you’ve got to have 1 of these babies. My teacher Colleen McCann calls it the black skinny jean of crystals. It goes with everything and every one needs it. It’s also a very powerful amplifier! Quartz amplifies any vibrational frequencies, including our own.
Why does quartz work so well with us? B/c the chemical formula is SiO2 aka silica. Scientists have determined that our bodies are partially made of liquid silica crystals. Our cells each have their own EMF (electromagnetic frequency), just as our entire body does, just as Mother Earth does. Our cells’ EMF is actually maintained by silica! Nobel Prize winner Adolf Butenant, proved that life cannot exist without it. The average human body holds about 7g of silica, way more than other important minerals such as iron. Yeah! I KNOW!! Crazy right? It’s vital to life.So needless to say, quartz works with us very well. OK, so that’s my long answer on why quartz is important. Actually…I can go waaaaaaay longer, but I’ll let you off easy this time, bbs. (All 3 of these starter stones are actually in the quartz family- hence my longwinded sales pitch as to why QUARTZ IS SO MF POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT)

2. Citrine, which is also quartz that’s been heated up in Mother Earth’s kitchen to turn various shades of champagne, yellow & sometimes a very deep iced tea color. It’s referred to as the Merchants Stone because its known to be all about that cash money abundance life. Citrine’s energy is happy & creative so if you’re feeling down or need to get out of a creative funk, this stone infuses you with that “b*tch, I got this” swagger. Honey sweetness and sunshine mixed with fire and a little bit of feisty confidence. All of my boss babes and aligned entrepreneurs swear by this.

3. Rose quartz
Rose Quartz is a fierce defender of the heart. Its pink energy soothes the hurt of loss. Placed over the solar plexus, it’s a balancing force. Aligning desire with pure intent, its energy can be cotton candy, a cashmere blanket, and—if summoned—something far more powerful, a force field of sorts that keeps the good vibes in and the dark ones out. If your heart is hungry, feed it with Rose Quartz. This stone helps open up your heart so your life can be touched by many loves. People. Places. Passions. Beginnings and endings. To truly experience the depths of your soul and your most aligned life, you need an open, fearless heart.
It’s a really great stone to have around b/c its energy is very calming, gentle & compassionate….a stone of love; love of all sorts. Whenever you feel the need to feel loved or you need or want to offer compassion, grab your rose quartz and stick some in your bra. That’s what I do and tell all of my clients to do!